Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pray for Dom the Grom

I received a phone call yesterday evening from an unfamiliar number. A male voice responded. All he had to say was "I'm Dominic's dad (Vinnie)" and it all came together. I met Vinnie Sanzone, his wife (Claudia), and their impressive little boy [to the right] at the Vic in 2008. I still have a clear memory of looking down the beach and seeing Dominic compete for the first time when he was 4 years old. He instantly became my mini idol. The fact that his skimboard was bigger than him caught my attention and kept me smiling at an image of unbearable cuteness. At the awards ceremony, I went out of my way to congratulate him on his performance with a kids' size Sol Shred Skim T-shirt. There was definitely room for him to grow into when he put it on three years ago. Vinnie mentioned that Dom still wears it even though it's skin tight now.

Assuming that Vinnie called to update me on his grom's prodigious progress in board sports, my breath was taken away when I heard the words -- Non-Hodgkin's Burkitt's Lymphoma Cancer. Once I realized how optimistic
Vinnie was acting about Dom's diagnosis, I repeatedly commended him for being so unwavering based on such a brave battle. All he asked of me was if I could spread the news and request prayer for his son's full recovery from chemotherapy. Without hesitation, I promised Vinnie it was the least I could do as Dominic's biggest fan.

Currently, at the age of 6, Dominic's leadership skills are apparent through his healthy balance of sports and school. Dropping into a skate bowl from a 9ft ramp is as natural as being at the top of his first grade class. Outside of being physically active and studious, this wee phenom is also pursuing an acting career. All these accolades barely skim the surface of his youth which is constantly blooming. If I could, I would steal the sun for a day and use its bright light to heal this little guy.
To all who read this... Let us manifest Dominic Sanzone's triumphant victory with the support of our unbreakable faith and positive vibrations.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Monarch Metamorphosis

Words cannot explain how amazing it is to witness a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. Milhouse was the first to come out this blustery morning. I believe she's female because her veins are dark and she doesn't appear to have special scales in the center of her hind wings known as androconia. Males possess these scales that look like prominent spots to attract the opposite sex.
A couple hours after Milhouse resurrected... Herbie broke out of her cocoon in a different container. It took a few minutes for their wings to fully expand because of the moisture trapped inside their mini incubators. Once their wings are dry, my butterflies will be set free to float on without a worry.